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Kinnear Consulting provides a variety of consultancy and advisory services.


We offer pragmatic consulting on tackling leadership problems and how to move from good leadership to great leadership.  We do this through coaching individual leaders and by providing leadership training and development.  We use a number of practical tools and frameworks to demystify leadership and ensure our clients can actually make a positive change as a result of working with us.

Personal & Team Productivity

Productivity is one of the biggest challenges of modern life.  Everyone is so busy working on multiple tasks and handling numerous distractions that it is easy to always be busy but to feel like you never actually get anthing done.  We have spent years researching time managment and productivity theories, principles and tools and experimenting with them to see which ones work.  We can now bring the benefit of that learning to you and your organisation through consulting, coaching and training.

Customer Service Excellence 

Excellent customer service is an essential element of value delivery that you cannot afford to ignore.  We use a number of tools and techniques to help organistions improve the customer experience they deliver.

Communication & Engagement

Communication, engagement and relationships are crucial for the success of individuals, organisations and change projects.  We offer consulting services and practical support to clients with complex communication and engagement challenges involving multiple and varied stakeholders. 

Events can be an important part of a marketing or communication and engagement strategy and we have experience in organising a wide variety of events from small seminars and courses to large conferences in premier venues.  We can provide practical advise and support to help you arrange an event or we can provide end-to-end project managment of your event.

Healthcare Social Media

Kinnear Consulting had fast become the leading source of expertise in healthcare social media in Northern Ireland.  We provide social media management, event social media strategies, practical support, and training.  We have worked with a range of organisations in the public, private and third sectors and we have created and implemented event social media strategies for Northern Ireland's biggest healthcare conferences such as NICON 2014 with approx 350 delegates and Delivering Safer Care 2014 with approx 400 delegates.

Healthcare & Healthservice Intelligence

We help people understand and navigate healthcare and the changing healthservice, the policy agenda, how the healthservice is structured and how to make improvements that benefit patients in terms of safety, quality and patient experience.  We work with the public, private and third sectors to help individuals and organisations to explore opportunities and take forward innovations.