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​​​ Medical School Application Course

The Medical School Application Course is designed to help you be better informed and better psychologically prepared for applying to medical school. You will learn how to write an excellent personal statement that really shows off who you are. You will also gain a much better understanding of the worlds of medicine and medical school from our team of experts and current students. 

The feedback we receive from pupils and teachers is that high calibre students often don't get medical school offers. This is because entrance to medical school has become so competitive that good grades and extensive extra-curricular involvement are no longer enough. Candidates must stand out from the crowd by showing that they could be one of 'Tomorrow's Doctors'. A deeper knowledge and understanding of medicine is required.

In our experience pupils often lack in-depth knowledge about the world of medicine, and what the medical degree and career path really involves. This is understandable because there is so much to know, and it can be difficult to understand without the help and instruction of someone from inside the world of medicine. This is why we created the Medical School Application Course. We will spend a morning teaching you and fellow students about the world of medicine, how to become a part of that world. 

What does the course cover?

  • Writing your personal statement
  • Hot topics in medicine and the NHS right now
  • What the medical career path involves – from medical student to hospital consultant or GP
  • Application strategy - maximising your chance of getting offers
  • Essential interview skills
  • How to prepare for and answer difficult questions on ethical issues
  • Hot seat interviews for each student 

Don't just take our word for it - here's what last year's delegates had to say:

"I feel so much more well prepared and not as petrified to apply for medicine.  It's really helped me feel like I've got a good shot of getting an offer for medicine....."

"Covered a lot of topics.  Insightful.  Most helpful course I've attended."

"I found it extremely helpful.  I have learnt many new thoughts as to how to apply to UCAS which I did not know before.  I have also found out more about what being a doctor involves and what knowledge, skills and behaviour they have to demonstrate.  However, most importantly, I learned what sort of person I am."

"Teaching was easy to understand in a comfortable environment making it easy to ask and answer questions."

"I definitely have more knowledge about the application process.  Not only was the course very informative, it was also very interesting!"

"Very well structured and informative course.  I feel that I am now much more aware of the application process." 

"I liked the fact that there were Medical Students helping out who had been through a similar process not so long ago."

"Very informative, relaxed, and from asking questions I realised the work I need to do and the gaps in knowledge I need to fill."​



  • The course costs £75 person, attendees will receive a 20% discount code for a future course or service. 


Unfortunately all courses are fully booked, check back soon for further courses!