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We offer personal and team development training programmes covering a range of topics and subject areas.  

Check out the list below to learn more about some of our most popular training programmes.  All of these programmes are tailored to your specific requirments and can be delivered on your own premises or at an offsite venue.

We can also create bespoke training programmes to help you solve problems or meet your training and development needs. 

To find out more about how we can help with your training and development needs just Contact Us.


Some of our Tailored Training Programmes 

Introduction to Leading a Team

Many people find themselves leading teams with little or no leadership or management training.  In most cases they adapt well to the leadership challenge but many feel they could do even better if they had some formal training.  This short course is aimed at anyone performing or expecting to perform a leadership role, regardless of discipline. You will learn the important basic principles of good leadership, how to avoid toxic leadership, and a number of important frameworks and models to help you remember what you have learned, and to allow you to keep developing when you return to your team.

Writing a Business Case (for healthcare professionals)

Frontline healthcare professionals often see opportunities for making changes and improvements but many aren’t sure how to make the case for change or obtain funding.  This workshop will explain what a business case is and how to write a compelling one. You will have the opportunity to work in a small group compiling a business case of your choosing or working on a mock scenario. The workshop leaders will help and guide you and you will be provided with a business case template and tips sheet which you can use in the workshop and when you return to work.

An Introduction to Project Management

Many people now find themselves from time to time working as part of a team to deliver a defined project, and on occasions they may find themselves leading a project team. Many of these individuals have no formal project management training. This short course provides introduction to project management principles and methodology and introduces the participants to a range of tools to assist in managing projects, including online collaborative tools for busy and dispersed teams.

Time Management and Personal Productivity for Busy People

Do you often wish you had more free time? Do you wish there were more hours in the day? Do you find it hard to juggle your career and your personal life? Do you wish you could make all of your ideas a reality?
This course doesn’t offer any magical quick fixes that will turn you into a paragon of time management and productivity overnight. Instead it focuses on realistic, achievable and proven techniques for managing you time and optimising your productivity. You will learn how to: manage yourself; manage relationships with others; manage your time; capture and manage tasks; manage your email; manage your mobile phone; manage electronic information; and manage paper information.

An Introduction to the Evolving Healthcare System
Most people are aware that the healthcare system is facing big challenges and undergoing radical changes but many don’t know about the underlying policy agenda, how the health service is structured or what the vision for the future looks like. These are important things to know for anyone who wants to play a part in making the change, or anyone wanting to explore opportunities in the evolving healthcare landscape. This seminar will brief participants on the drivers for change in the health service, the policies designed to bring about change, and the opportunities and threats presented by this change.

Networking for Healthcare Professionals

The old saying goes, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” – but that’s not all – it’s also “who knows you”. This is often interpreted as meaning connections will get you further than knowledge and skill in your job, but really it means being good at your job will only get you so far. Business people have long realised that all business is about people and relationships, hence the abundance of business networking events. In reality healthcare is no different – it is most definitely a people business and relationships are crucial to success and getting things done. This seminar will introduce you to important techniques to develop your personal brand and supercharge your networking to help you get more done and enjoy more success in your work.

Building Resilience for Healthcare Professionals

Work as a modern healthcare professional can be mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting – and that’s when things in your personal and professional life are going well – but what if they’re not? Are you resilient? Can you weather the storm? Do you have the ability to bounce back? Participants on this course will learn about the 8 pillars of resilience; the 8 domains of self-esteem; the caveman syndrome; the Yerkes-Dodson performance curve; performance load; strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety; decision-making styles; and managing conflict.